Hiatus Kaiyote / LISZT ÜNNEP 2022

Hiatus Kaiyote / LISZT ÜNNEP 2022

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Last event date: Sunday, October 16 2022 8:00PM

The members of the band: Nai Palm – voice, guitar, Paul Bender – bass guitar, Simon Mavin – keyboards, Perrin Moss – drums


Formed in 2011, Hiatus Kaiyote makes music that straddles neo-soul and jazz-funk, but by their own admission, it is not easily defined by a genre; it is more of an immersive experience, a journey. The Australian band is fronted by singer-guitarist Nai Palm, whose eccentric look is as captivating as her unique vocal style and individual timbre. The band’s international breakthrough came with the 2015 album Choose Your Weapon, with a song, Breathing Underwater, nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best R&B Performance.

After an extended hiatus, the group released a new studio album in 2021 (Mood Valiant), which partly explores a period in Nai Palm’s life that was marked by loss and struggle with illness, while the material, which was nominated for a Grammy for the Best Progressive R&B Album, also reflects on the impact of the pandemic on the individual.

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