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Színes, szinkronizált cseh-francia-szlovák-lengyel animációs kalandfilm, 80 perc Rendező: JAN BUBENICEK, DENISA GRIMMOVÁ

The meaning of the title of the film: I remember. Of course, it doesn't follow that you have to believe Federico Fellini.

Juliet of the Spirits is a hotly debated Fellini film. (One of many.) Some saw it as the story of a betrayed women, others as the dramatic tale of a lonely figure. There have been and are many who in this film seek and find evidence of Fellini's spirituality.

Paris, Texas (1984)

There is no misunderstanding here. Yes, Wim Wenders is German, and the Paris of the title is located in Texas (Lamar County). However, the cinematographer of this Palme d'Or-winning film at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival, Robby Müller, was Dutch. Naturally, many tributes were paid when Müller passed away in 2018.

What is Fellini's Satyricon, exactly? A tricky question. The director once defined it a sci-fi set in the past. The film is based on the fragments of a novel written by the poet Petronius Arbiter, who lived in the times of Emperor Nero and whose book was the greatest satire of the age. Through a loose series of episodes, Fellini edits the pieces of the book to construct a kind of odyssey, a travel novel.

Soha, néha, mindig

Soha, néha, mindig amerikai dráma, 101 perc, 2020 (16) magyar felirattal Rendező: Eliza Hittman Szereplők: Sidney Flanigan, Talia Ryder Magyarországi forgalmazó: Pannonia Entertainment Végleges korhatás: 16 Magyarországi bemutató: 2022. május 05.


Színes, magyar dokumentumfilm, 103 perc R. Pálinkás Norbert

Színes, szinkronizált francia vígjáték, 98 perc Rendező: PHILIPPE DE CHAUVERON Szereplők: CHRISTIAN CLAVIER, CHANTAL LAUBY, ARY ABITTAN 12+

Miután elhagyta Camelot trónját, Arthur király önkéntes száműzetésbe vonult, az excaliburt pedig visszahelyezte abba a sziklába, ahonnan egykoron kiemelte..

olasz dokumentumfilm, 80 perc, 2022 eredeti nyelven, magyar feliratal

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